Family holiday snapper and kingfish

January 09, 2016 by Damian Clayton

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The Catch
Salmon (Australian)
Snapper (Pink)

With many overseas and local fishers enjoying the holiday break we have been busy with shared trips.
The fishing has been a little patchy due to the weather not allowing us to get out to where we had been enjoying good snapper and kingfish fishing. When the weather cleared we were able to get a few more trips away.
We still get a great buzz from seeing families and kids getting into the fishing. Both young and not so young parents and children too.
On this last trip we were bait fishing at Kawau island which is only about 40 minutes from our base at Gulf Harbour and for most of the year it’s a worthy fishing destination. The Island offers different options for fishing and with deep water nearby and a good current and tide flow around the island you can enjoy just about every style of fishing there is.
We chose bait fishing on this trip as the area is full of bait schools. Large balls of pilchards and schools of mackerel are visible on the sounder and the fish predate these schools picking of the wounded and weak. We used mostly NZ pilchards that we get from Fishing Direct in Silverdale and squid. We prefer the lolago squid from California and Mexico as it is good quality and fresh frozen. Some of the guys on this trip were also using mullet which is also a natural food source for snapper and kingfish.

Most of the crew were fishing with a 6oz ledger rig and 6/0 and 7/0 circle and j hooks. This rig works very well for this sort of fishing and in the depths we were in (36m)
Mum, Dads and Corban our young angler on the trip filled the bins by 12:30 and we headed home with a happy crew. You can check out more info on our facebook page - It’s catching on

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