Grand slam on a half day

January 10, 2016 by Carlos Murillo

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Marlin (Blue)

Hi everybody,

our day today start it as usual, 7am, we head for the fishing grounds about 15 miles west of tamarindo got there, put all of our lines in the water and not even 30 minutes later we got a nice blue marlin chasing our teasers like crazy, I got our marlin 50 pounder penn internation VRX model reel and gave it to him with a little ballyhoo rigged as a marlin bait, he got it and sure enough got it hook, and that was when hell broke loose on the deck, because we where trying to clear the deck so we could fight it without any problems, when we finally did the marlin had almost taken all the line on the reel, we start it to back on to it and long story short we release it 35 minutes later, it was a nice blue of around 300 pounds, after all of this craziness going on we got all our gear back in place and about an hour later we got our first sailfish and 40 min later got another one, and just to top this all ready amazing half day charter 20 minutes before heading back we land it a mahi-mahi and that right there is a GRAND SLAM my friends.

We’ll see what God has for us on our next trip on Thursday Jan 12.



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