January 30, 2015 by Mike Laubscher

Trip Info


We launched at 05h00 today to look for a Marlin, within a few miles we hit some heavy rain and decided to push through and after a getting soaked we got to the other side of the weather with some nice conditions. I really struggled to find good water and the water temp was changing all the time, the thermocline was really strange as it was up and down all the time and not consistent, water clarity was also not consistent with pockets of purple water in between green water. Eventually we did find some good purple water. We got one Marlin strike and he pulled about 300m of line and then came off before we could even get the rod into the chair. By the time we found the good water the East wind was pumping and we managed 2 Yellowfin Tuna for all our efforts. The first one was a strange fight as the fish took hard a peeled a lot of line and then suddenly gave up the fight and was like it was taken by a shark, but it was not. Once at the boat the fish was already dead only to find that the hook had ripped its gills out on the one side. There was a screaming S-N current and no life in the water except a logger head turtle that we saw.

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