January 18, 2015 by Mike Laubscher

Trip Info


We launched at 04h00 on Saturday and started making our way out deep looking for warm clean water as closer in it was not nice, at about 450m depth I decided to change tactics and direction as the further we went the colder the water got and so I headed the boat towards the 150m area past Ballito. On the way we picked up a Yellowfin Tuna around 10Kg, this was after 4hrs of no fish. I got to Ballito and still was not happy with the water and so decided to come back to port shallow and it was not long before we had a reel screaming and a rod with a very serious bend. 2.5hrs later after a very hard fight we released a massive Black Marlin 35km away from Durban. Our 8hr trip lasted 11hrs.

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