Kingfish and snapper - Motuora Island

January 15, 2016 by Damian Clayton

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With fantastic weather over the past few trips and calm seas the clients have been enjoying good catches. Big snapper and kingfish have been lurking around the bait schools at Motuora Island and along with some shark activity in the area too as they shadow the bait.

The depth has varied from location to location around the island but the fishing remains pretty good throughout the area. Most of the fishing we have been doing lately has been bait fishing using NZ pilchards and from an anchored boat. We anchor over a school or up current from it and feed our baits back to them. A proven method which works well both at this time of the year when the fish are spawning but also in the winter out deeper in the Gulf.

We catch live bait in situ and also feed these back down to attract the larger snapper and roaming kingfish. We recently swapped to circle hooks for this and have found a better hook up rate for it. It also makes for an easy hook out when releasing smaller kingfish. Any live baits that are exhausted are quickly turned into a fresh cut bait and sent down too.

It’s been interesting watching other boats drift fish the area too only to see most of them eventually anchor up and bait fish. It seems the fish in the area and pretty happy to be chewing on bait rather than steel and rubber at the moment.

We have northerlies here at the moment and that can stir things up a bit and move the bait around so we’ll have to get back over there and have a good look around and see if the bait has moved in closer.

Captain Damo

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