Awesome 1/2 day Mahi Bite!

January 21, 2016 by Derrin Ebanks

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Tuna (Skipjack)

Caught 4 huge Mahi and 4 skipjack tunas just minutes after leaving the dock. Just a stones throw from land is the North wall which drops to over 6,000 feet immediately and is where we start most of our offshore fishing trips. As we put lines in we noticed the birds dive bombing the oceans surface, which is always and indication of bait and shortly after that the tunas erupted from below. Headed straight for them and immediately the long rigger snapped and the #30 wide reel was screaming drag. Not only are skipjack tuna good eating but are extremely hard fighting and famous for making blistering runs. We continued to follow the school for well over 1 and a 1/2 hours hooking and fighting 6 more tunas only boating 3 more fish, 2 of our tunas were eaten by sharks which commonly patrol schools of tuna and why not, doesn’t everyone like tuna.
Soon after the school disappeared we headed back to the North wall, as we approached the steep rise of the edge the shimano #50 wide on the deep down rigger with an islander ballyhoo combo started screaming, drag peeled from the reel and a huge bull Dolphin-Mahi leaped from the back of the boat, as this fish continued its aerial display the short rigger snapped, double hook up, right rigger, triple header and if that wasn’t enough, we noticed a fourth fish swimming just in the wake and dropped a ballyhoo just in front of it, quadruple hook up. After a 30 minute cockpit dance we managed to boat all 4, high fives all around and headed for the fillet table. Ceviche, sashimi, blackened, grilled and dinner is served.
Capt. Derrin Ebanks.
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