400 Pounds Blue Marlin !

December 28, 2015 by Saloma LTD

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The Catch
Marlin (Blue)

On the 28th of December, a fishing competition was held a The Morne Anglers Club in Black River. The team Saloma, leaded by their captain Samuel Serret decided participate. At 7:00 am about 15 boat were on the starting line ready to catch some fish. Our team were lucky and got an early strike as around 9:00 am the 130 Tiagra situated on the left outrigger start screaming.Quickly the team members got all the line in the boat and Tej get in the chair ready to fight the not yet seen fish. After a big rush the fish finally stop leaving only 150 meter of line in the reel. Quickly we star to go back on the fish and tej start to recover some line, however when the reach the 500 meter mark the fish starts to go down and the speculation on wether we’re hooked on a big yellowfin or a marlin start growing. having already experience that situation before, Guillaume one of our crew member quickly realise that the fish has died and is now sinking. Tej then quickly react and add some more drag, we were already fighting the beast for 45 min when the real battle begun. We had to slowly go back and forward with the boat while the anglers was reeling in the line meter after meter. After two and a half hour of intense fight, Tej completely exhausted finally bring the fish to the surface, thats when we realised what happened: the nice blue marlin was foul hooked and tail wrap which had lead to his death. We did manage to bring it back to the boat and put it inside the boat at 12:30 pm. When the competition ended at 4:00 pm everyone was back at the club waiting for our fish as we were the only one who managed to boat a marlin that day, we brought the fish proudly to the scale which indicated 400 Pounds !! As not a single fish was caught on the second day of the competition, Saloma Team won the competition keeping its title for the second time in a row!

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