poor weather and fishing this week

January 25, 2016 by Skipper Gentry

Trip Info

The Catch

we have had terrible weather lately and poor fishing.  Typically cold fronts and North winds are a blessing for sailfishing.  This past week we had it all, the coldest temps in forever, NE winds etc.  A few days were not fishable, 30 -35 knots winds followed by a day where there was no wind and we used helium balloons to keep the kites up.  Anyway,  we still managed to hook a sailfish which was lost. Our angler had never seen a sail and wanted to get one so that was the sole focus of the day.  Like I said, it was slow.  We will be fishing a lot in the coming week and if its still slow we will be making up to 30 mile runs to get to the fish.  Everyday is different we just have to go to know.

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