Incredible day out...

January 30, 2016 by Rafael Apellaniz

Trip Info

The Catch
Jack Crevalle

Morning Charter
Gerald Lyons and Co.
from New York City.
Incredible morning out!
Caught bait early and headed out to the open bay, red buoy #7 is were the fish have been. I marked the bait at about 20 ft. and set the spread and boom, the fishing was on fire!!! We released 2-2 Bar Jacks, 8-8 Jack Crevalle, 1-1 Lane Snapper, 1-1 Rock Fish and 7-10 Tarpon! Best day of the year so far!!! 4 anglers got their first Tarpon, first Jack Crevalle and first Bar Jacks, all around bucket list for everyone!!! As I always say, Puerto Rico Tarpon Connection does a lot of first time Tarpons!

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