bad weather but great fishing!

January 30, 2016 by Zach Timmons

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well if you don’t mind the cold and the wind or all around bad weather the fishing is great this time of year. we will be blessed with a few great days thrown in there, this is florida so everyday will be different.  with the water temp dropping the reds and drum will be schooling in the creeks around the oyster bars and in deeper holes in the creeks looking for that warmer water in mid day. there will be some big trout lurking around also. this is one of my favorite times of year to fish. the water is nice and clear so even doing some sight fishing is an option. so if you are targeting some nice reds and drum then the time is now!

off shore is great right now its just hard to find a good calm day to venture out and get on them. lately I have been getting my daily limit of big black sea bass (some of the best eating there is if you ask me) and lots of vermillion snapper. there is always the large red snapper to pull on but unfortunately they are illegal to keep. some cobia are hanging around the local wrecks making their way through for their winter migration. so all in all the fishing is good but the old mother nature is a cruel mistress and tends to not make it easy for us.
give me a call and I will put you on some great fish! (bad weather or good)  lets get busy reelin!!!!

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