All for Tarpon and Tarpon for all...

February 08, 2016 by Rafael Apellaniz

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Morning Charter
All for Tarpon and Tarpon for all!
Steven, John and James from Arkansas, as good fishermen, came in early this morning. We headed out to catch bait with Sabikis, they didn’t expect to catch so many so fast. That was the preamble for things to come, thread fin herring was on the menu, greenies, green backs, Tarpon candy! We came to the fishing spot at around 7:15, we were hooked within 5 minutes, from there we went 1-1 Bar Jack and 3-7 Tarpon, we jumped 4 more tarpon that got off on the first jump. Everyone ended up catching a Tarpon, I am happy to say! All for Tarpon and Tarpon for all!!!

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