Cabo Dorado, High Flying Action!

February 14, 2015 by Kenneth P. Busick

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Good morning everybody, Captain Kenny Busick here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  This is my Cabo Fishing Report for the week ending February 14th, 2014..  We got to fish 3 days this week in Cabo, aboard the Samurai.  The bulk of the Cabo fishing fleet were working up the beach on the Pacific side from the light house up as far North as Cerritos.  The boys were targeting an area out front that was a little green for me, water temperature was averaging 74 degrees.  If you are targeting the Dorado, the green water should not be a problem for this species.  Dorado will bite in green and even brown water if you have the right stuff in the spread.  Call me up or email me if you want to know what we were using to hook up on the Dorado.  The boys in the fleet were working on 10 to 20 pound class Dorado, with most of the guys getting 5 fish per boat on the smaller grade Dodo’s.  Towards the end of the week some Marlin started to show up out front of the Light House, just north of Cabo.  The Samurai did not elect to remain working the area with the fleet.  We did put some of the Dorado on our boat as we made our way through the area, but only as we made our way North to head up and then outside in search of larger grade fish.  There was over 50 boats working just in that one area, all side by side. If you are going to fish with me, be prepared to take a ride and find the fish on your own.  I do not as a rule like to fish with the fleet.  I definitely will not be fishing with 50 other boats around.  If you want to fish with the crowd then Samurai will not be the right boat for you.  The satellite information that I had from the AM looked promising and so we made a decision as a group to head North and outside in search of the larger predators.

This week we had friends in from Las Vegas, Nevada and Omaha, Nebraska.  Both of our groups wanted to target Marlin.  So my suggestion was to see if we could get away from everyone else and find the good, clean, blue water and see if we could raise some Stripers.  We also had 2 large Blue Marlin that came to the scale just a few days earlier, so I liked our chances.  The first group out of Omaha had an interest in snorkeling as well as fishing.  So they elected to turn their 6 hour half day fishing trip into 4 hours of fishing and 2 hours for snorkeling. 

Guys, if you want to come and fish with us, please do not do this.  If you are going to spend all the time and money to come fishing with us in Cabo or La Paz, you have to give us enough time to do our job.  It is a big ocean and sometimes it takes us a while to get into the right neighborhood and raise the fish into the spread. 

Anyways, we got lucky for these guys close to home and raised 3 Marlin near the 95 Spot. We also got a couple Tuna in some good, clean Blue Water outside of the 95.  These guys got lucky!  Please do not expect to come and raise Marlin on a half day trip and then raise the quality fish, ok?  Also guys, please don’t try and do too many activities in one day.  The best plan for your vacation is to slow down and have some fun!  Plan to spend one day fishing and then spend one day cruising or sight seeing.  Trust me, you will be a lot happier and have much better luck with the fishing!  The second group was from Las Vegas, Nevada and really super nice husband and wife team.  The husband just wanted to see his wife catch fish and she got 3 BIG Dorado! 

We never even saw a Marlin on her day, but she was very happy with the Dorado fishing and ended up her day with 3 fish over 35 pounds.  Chef Erick on the Samurai then made some excellent lunch for us from the fresh Dorado!  You will never have better tasting or fresher fish than what you have just caught a few minutes before on the Samurai, I personally guarantee this.  World class fishing and world class food and beverage is what we are all about.  The final group on the boat was another group from Omaha.  These guys were also a really nice group and we had a blast with them. 

Our new friend Lisa handled a 35 pound Dorado like a specialized Pro!  Her fish put on the fight of it’s life and we finally got the job done about 35 minutes later on a 20 LRS.  I cannot tell you how happy she was, great job Lisa! Be sure and check out her video on my Facebook account.  The girl is a dynamite Lady Angler and funny as can be.  Her video was one of our highest rated videos all week.  We picked up a couple more 30 to 35 pound fish before making our way back to Cabo.  On the way home I worked through an area that has been good for me and got lucky again, this time for Lisa’s husband Scott.  This was the jackpot fish for the day!  Scott from Omaha put a 45 to 50 pound Bull Dorado on the boat in less than 15 minutes with the 50 Wide that was set up for Marlin.

Scott’s previous big fish was a whopping 4 pounds, so I can tell you for sure he was super stoked!  Thank you so much to all of our new friends for the opportunity to be of service.  God Bless and tight line

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