September 15, 2019 Calheta 1 photo

Trip Summary

Eric, from Canada, booked a 1/2 day Big Game Fishing for the 15th September and we duly left the marina at Calheta at 1000 hrs. We proceeded towards Funchal at 7 1/2 knots with a full spread of 5 lines out. We ran Islander blue/pink on the short corners, Moldcraft Wide Range Seniors in purple and silver on the outriggers and a Williamson Wahoo Catcher n blue/black on the outrigger. After 2 hours of trolling with no takes we decided to change the shotgun over to a Williamson Dorado Catcher in "Lumo" rainbow colours. We had success of sorts after about 30 minutes with a small Mahi Mahi taking the shotgun. This was landed and released. We then had another hit on the shotgun about 15 minutes from re-entering the marina and hooked the Skipjack Tuna shown above. Eric duly landed this and we then returned to the marina and enjoyed a couple of beers together. To the best of my knowledge we were the only boat to catch anything that day and hence the title.
Gavito Fishing
Calheta, Madeira, Portugal
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Combine cruising along picture-perfect coastlines with battling big game fish, and you get Gavito - Big Game Fishing. With a skipper who has over 35 years’ experience at sea and a second fully licensed skipper on board at all times, they have the ex...

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