A worthy Nemesis...

January 16, 2016 by Steve Beare

Trip Info

The Catch
Jack Crevalle

On Jan 16th I had Tyler (an aspiring Junior Angler) on board as we worked the flats and back country in Vero Beach.  We located some schooling Redfish in the South Vero Area.  Unfortunately after pulling the hook on a couple of some upper slot fish, the school quickly fled seeking refuge.  As we worked our way south into the Ft Pierce Area, searching for more Redfish, we found ourselves battling a number of large Jack Crevalles.  While we could see several schools of fish, the Jacks stayed true to their character and were extremely aggressive, getting to the baits before others.  Jack Crevalles are always a worthy nemesis putting up a great fight.  After catching over 20 Jacks, Tyler threw in the towel for the evening.

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