clear water winter sight fishing!

February 17, 2016 by Zach Timmons

Trip Info

The Catch

the water has been crystal clear and the low tide mid day has been producing some great sight fishing action! if you like stalking up on and making some long casts to cruising redfish then right now is the time! I have been messing with the same school of over 40 fish for a few days now and until yesterday they have been able to outsmart me or just plain turn up their nose to baits we pitch their way. so I changed my tactic and stayed way back and made some long casts with the wind at our back. it was some exciting fishing they ate shrimp, soft plastics and twitch baits. looks like the weekend is going to be great weather and we didn’t catch them all so they should be right where I left them! we will see… if there is one thing I know for sure, its that fishing is very predictable and always easy! HA HA -Capt Zach Timmons

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