Kingfish,snapper, jigs and bait

February 20, 2016 by Damian Clayton

Trip Info

The Catch
Shark (Mako)
Salmon (Australian)
Snapper (Pink)
Trevally (Blacktip)

Flat calm seas and bright conditions saw us head deep with a real good bunch from all over the world. One bloke was from Brazil, another visiting from China, a couple of Aussies and a couple of Kiwis meant there was good banter and lots of laughs…the fishing was a bonus and just as good.

We decided to use the great conditions and head out to 60m in the Gulf. Typically I got a little side tracked and ended up scoping a couple of old spots on the way out which resulted in rat kingfish and big, blue cod. After seeing that we could either cod fish or get onto some bigger snapper and maybe bigger kingfish we pushed on out closer to Great Barrier.

The tide was fair ripping down the island and the bird life was spread out and looking pretty lazy with no real continuous activity or re-circulating dives from the gannets. Drift after drift produced small fish and we summised the adult fish would come on the bite sooner or later so hung in there. But you know…it didn’t really fire up so we moved on to another area with an easing tide flow.

First drop…we were in! and fish after fish graced to the decks with 3-4-5 way hook ups being common.
Within an hour so we had a quota of good snapper to about 6kg and kingfish to about 15kg. Add to this a few trevally and blue cod and the crew were going to eat well.

Best baits were the NZ pilchards we re source from Fishing Direct in Silverdale and the Ocean Angler Candy Apple Slider in 100gr. We had to use the extra weight to get down and we had a few good fish on the new 140gr Slider too. These bigger model Slider will be awesome over the deep reefs and high current areas.

A casual cruise home on a flat sea and the day was done. Good times out near Great Barrier and Channel Island

Capt Damo

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