Bass fishing and lots of fun!

February 22, 2016 by Sidney Silberberg

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The Catch
Bass (Striped)

On Monday I took Lloyd and his son Blake out for a day of fishing.  Lloyd had requested to learn some of the key spots on the lake for catching bass so that was our agenda for the day.  I set up two rods for trolling one with a blue and silver Speed Trap lure and one with a fire tiger Speed Trap lure.
It was a beautiful sunny day with a little breeze on the main lake the water was stained with about a one foot deep visibility.  We fished for about thirty minutes with no luck so I moved on to the back of the Monticello Ski School with the intention to show Lloyd where the minnows hide in the grass and the bass follow the minnow but that area was all dry as we turned to troll out to the main lake Lloyd hooked up with his first fish which was about a 1.5 pound bass now we were getting excited.
We trolled about ten minutes more and tried top water at the same time with no luck.  I moved on towards the Ranch house and again saw no indication of fish.  I kept going north at full speed looking for any signs that would indicate fish in the area.  While Lloyd and Blake were having their lunch I drove to the back of Big Island to the furthest point which was pretty shallow.
Lloyd hooked his second bass there so we stayed for awhile and sure enough he landed another nice bass drop shooting in 2 to 5 feet of water.  Heading back towards the Bureau of Reclamation we fished parallel to the shore line.  The wind was picking up and would push me from 4 feet deep to 12 feet so I was moving the boat back towards the shore line all of a sudden Lloyd gets smacked in about 3 feet of water his rod is completely bowed and he is reeling like crazy with a huge grin on his face he hands the rod to his son so he can share in the moment too.
The bass was about 7 pounds with a good size girth.  After taking pictures with their catch they released the bass so it could keep growing.  That ended our day on a very happy note (see photos).

‘til next time… good fishing!

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