October 22, 2019 Russell 4 Photos

Trip Summary

Spring Fishing is challenging and you need to know what you are doing! Some luck might be good too! The Fish is here and the Fishing is good on the various depths and for plenty of species. So get out there, it looks like we have a luck with the weather over coming weekend! Starting Deep Out, the Hapuku fishing has been good for the last months when the weather has allowed. They seems to be stable around 200 meter and we have some good fish up to around the 30 kg coming aboard. Bass and Gemfish have also been welcomed on board. In the shallow, the Snapper have been moving into the bay as the water has begun warming up. Good 5-10 kilos on 10-30 meter water. The next couple of months will be full on for the Snapper as they school up for breeding. The big ones are not the best eating so, think about tomorrow and release the breeding males and female, if they are in good condition! The pan size is still the best for eating and are in good numbers! In the middle of the bay there are large schools of Slimey and Jack Mackerel with Kingies and Sharks in attendance. The Kingfish have been surprisingly good. They are both in very good shape and in good numbers. Still out on the deeper reefs around the bay. Finally, do not miss out on the Squid fishing! The water is warming up and the time is now! The Squids has been amazingly good all October with the average sizes increasing all the time. Some personal records has been taken with some nice Squid up to 1 kilo. We heard it was yum! The unsettled weather has made the fishing a little tricky at times so we are looking forward to the coming season as the weather warms and settles. Good luck and tight lines. Captain Hamish SpotX Fishing Charters, Bay of Islands
Spot-X Fishing Charters
Russell, New Zealand
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SpotX Fishing Charters brings your senses together before a collage of fish, colors, sea, and sounds of New Zealand. The Bay of Islands is where the green vegetation shown in fantasy franchises touches the sea. Now, you have the chance to step in this rea...

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