Sheepshead bite on fire!

November 17, 2019 by Christopher Barlow

Trip Info

The Catch

    The weather has been calm some days and blowing a gale on others, but one thing has been consistent, the Sheepshead bite! We have had a few magnificent weeks catching these guys and I believe the trend will continue for another few weeks. Many trips we released many (dozens) of them to catch another day and other trips the clients decided to take their share home to eat. They must be 14”TL to keep and one is allowed 15 per person.
  The bite has been a rather epic one. Most days it’s drop your bait down, bump bump, lift up and they are on! Sheepshead are wonderful fighting fish and are one of the best eating fish our inshore waters have to offer.   
  From frying or grilling to making faux crab-cakes you can’t beat them! Many believe its filets mirrors that of red snapper in texture and taste and I have to agree.
  I have until November 28th available for this month so book now! I have a few days open in December as well!

Catch ‘em up!
  -Captain Chris Barlow

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