Red tide's and Thanksgiving,,,

November 27, 2019 by Lance Fischer

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S .W. Florida for the last 2 yrs has been plagued with with that dog gone red tide,, its puts a tremendous amount of stress on the fish,,the evidence of the fish kills shows how devastating red tide can be,, it stresses Captain’s and anglers alike,,,,now for the Thanksgiving,,fish getter charters has been experiencing some of the best fishing this year,,we’ve been on the ball, or just lucky,, Catching large amounts of guality Red fish,,large Sook have been found dangling at the end of our hooks,,and large Sheepshead have been moving in,,it’s been a great month,,looking forward to Dec. ,( yesterday we caught over 20 reds,  snook, sheepshead what a great day) , ,LOOKING FORWARD TO TAKE YOU FISHING,,

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