One more for the skipper...

March 02, 2016 by Rafael Apellaniz

Trip Info

The Catch

Randy Stillwell & Co. from Minnesota.
As it happens sometimes, fishing doesn’t go as planned. Today’s anglers came on a cruise and got a late start. Went out early and caught bait and waited, there was a low tide at 9:40 am and started fishing at 9:15 am. Just after the tide change we got 2 quick bites but no hookups! Things got slow after that, we got into a school of small barracudas that did a number on our baits. At 1:15 pm and ready to go in, I said, “Let’s do one more for the skipper!!!”. We proceeded to do one last drift in the same area where I had gotten a Tarpon yesterday. Just as I was ready to call it a day, the center rod went out screaming! Fish on! Fish on! A silver king, a Poon, finally a Tarpon! It put up a great fight and even posed for a nice picture! Goes to show, that it ain’t over until there is one for the Skipper!!!

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