Saturday with my buddy Albert

February 14, 2015 by Sidney Silberberg

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This past Saturday I went fishing with my buddy Albert.  There was a chill in the air most of the day and the surface water temperature was 54 degrees and didn’t change all day it was C0LD.
After working the rocks outside of Monticello Ski School with no luck I headed into the ski school and saw one of my friends he told me he threw everything he could think of and couldn’t even get a nibble.

Decided I wouldn’t waste time there and headed to the ranch house side to see if anything was going on there. 
Could not find any signs of fish activity but was still able to land a 3 pound 10 ounce smallmouth bass in the grass in about 10 feet of water.  Good job Albert!!!!!

I figured if we were lucky here we should try the vineyards so that was the next stop.  I fished two rods brass and glass and I also threw a top water.  We started at twenty feet deep and drifted to four feet and no signs of anything going on.  Figured as long as we were here I would try my favorite spot with all the stumps in the water too no avail.
Freezing cold and getting frustrated I headed back towards home fishing along the west side and using red and black crank bait Albert hooked a 2 pound smallmouth bass (see photos).  Albert was happy I was happy for Albert so we decided to head in so we could defrost. Did I mention it was COLD?!

‘til next time…good fishing!!!!!!

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