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Snook and Let the Skunk Loose

March 14, 2016 by Luis Burgos

Trip Info

The Catch

This trip was a classic example of “there is more to fishing than just fishing”.  It began with a rainy morning with winds over 20 knots…, which translates to a successful fishing day challenge.  These three great amigos got to the dock when most anglers would off preferred staying in a 6am warm and cozy bed.

Seeing their determination on the phone before the scheduled outing, we headed out but the patterns where so altered, that even the usually abundant live bait was simply no where to be found…  No problem, with high spirits and friendly attitude, this guys decided to have a great time.  The results: one of the best conversations and laughs without live bait and fish (till that point) that I’ve ever experienced as a fishing guide.  Not only that, as we fished with the few live ones that we manage to catch, they enjoyed listening about the history and stories of the historical sights and forts like El Morro and Castillo San Cristobal that surrounds our amazing fishing grounds and as they said, watching them from the enemy point of view.

In the fishing side, It seemed like an eminent and unusual skunk day but a great vibe and determination got us to start breaking the chain.  For that, we decided to take a quick break (((time out!))).  So we headed for a few cool refreshments in the bay at a nearby sports bar (“Downtown”), which we can easily get to on our Catamaran.  As we where getting there and out of no where, Lady Luck kicked in and we manage to get a cast net full of quality bait. 

Now with a livewell full of great baits, we still finished what got us there in the first place; cold ones for the boys and a nice cold water bottle for the Captain.  Mission accomplished and within seconds of the first cast… BOOOM!  A very nice Tarpon hook up!  It was fought for a little while but the mangroves got the best of our line…  It happens but then you go for it again and BOOM! Another aggressive strike but unfortunately the circle hook was pulled with the intention of being set due to the heat of the moment (btw, never set a hook with a circle hook) and fish gone!  They say that “three’s the charm” and these fun but tough crowd kept at it and joking of the mishaps and right at the end of the trip:  FISH ON A TIGHT LINE!!!  A 29-inch Snook successfully caught.  Their first one ever! 

Thank you Chris, Walker (a successful Alaska Fishing and Hunting Guide) and Chris W for allowing us to serve you today and because part of your contribution will helped kids around the island with our hands on angling curriculum outreach program that combines life and fishing skills. Hope that you enjoy your new fishing stories with friends and family for years to come.  I sure will.

Gracias amigos!
Capt. Luis “Luigi” Burgos
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