Nancy's First Redfish

March 17, 2016 by Tom Carver

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Mosquito Lagoon Red Fishing On Thursday March 17th

I had the pleasure of fishing with Nancy and Bob from Iowa.

They come down every year and stay over in the Kissimmee area. Being there the mosquito Lagoon is only about a 70 minute drive from Kissimmee she thought it would be a fun day to go red fishing. This would be her first time fishing The Saltwater flats for the redfish as she’s used to fishing in lakes and ponds back home for freshwater fish. We got out on the water around 7 a.m. at Bairs Cove boat ramp located in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge adjacent to Haulover canal. It was a little windy here that morning then I anticipated but none the less these fish have been very active early even on Windy days and as a matter of fact some days I feel the wind has been helping with the bite. So we motored out to the main Flats that I’ve had my most success on and set up wind with our baits downwind where most of my fish have been coming from.

This is a pretty popular flat so it’s key to get there early and try to set up before everybody gets there. Luckily we were the first one there that morning. The days that the fish are tailing and Finning on the surface I choose to use large hand picked live shrimp. But because it was so windy I chose to skip the live shrimp and tried cut ladyfish instead. This definitely proved to be the right choice as we quickly picked up our first fish. Unfortunately it was too big to take back to the boat ramp for their redfish dinner so we had to release it. I know Nancy was heartbroken that she wanted to eat a redfish and luckily she got to do that because soon after we were able to boat 2 more nice redfish that she was able to keep. I made a suggestion when we got back to the boat ramp that there was a restaurant in town named Dixie Crossroads and for a few dollars they will prepare the fish along with some sides so you don’t have to take the fish back and deal with it yourself but instead have a nice authentic Florida seafood lunch here on the space coast.

She texted me a little later on along with a nice photo of the cooked fish from the restaurant and boy did it look good.

Captain Tom Carver

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