Fishing Adventure to Seal Eiland in Fals

February 19, 2020 by Bandit Marine Services (pty) Ltd

Trip Info


Left Kalk bay harbour at 09.00 and proceeded to seal Eiland.Sea conditions were fine
Light wind and good sea.The trip to the Eiland takes about 1 hr.After anchoring in moderate calm water the lines went down and the fish started coming up.
water depth we anchored in was 8 fathom.Water temp: 14*C.
We had two vessel ahead of us, one on the port bow to the south at about 75 m and the other on the stbd bow towards the west at 150 m.These are cage diving charter vessels and they usually anchor close in to the Eiland.
We remain out of their area as not to disrupt their activities and just out of mutual respect.
I wont say that it was fireworks but the bream were coming up consistently, some good sizes as well.
Air pressure plays a big role in the fishes biting and taking the bait, so when it dropped a few points, the fish went off the bite and became sluggish,
this is also a good indication that the wind is coming.
By this stage we had already landed enough fish and we retrieved our anchor to leave.
The other two charter vessels had left and the Eiland was all ours.
I took my guests around the Eiland to get a firsthand closeup view of the many hundreds of Cape fur seals and sea birds on it.A video of this is posted.
Very pleasant return trip to the harbour at Kalk bay, at a speed of 7 knots,  arriving at about 14.15
Turned out to be a successful day,with fish landed by everyone.
The deck hands are mostly commercial fisherman which I mix in with the guests if the space allows.They are there to assist with anchoring and to help guests with any fishing related questions or about the marine life.They also fish in the old traditional way with hand lines which is the norm on commercial vessels and has remained unchanged since the old days of Kalk Bay.

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