6 hour fishing trip to seal Eiland, in F

February 25, 2020 by Bandit Marine Services (pty) Ltd

Trip Info

The Catch
Bream (Black)

Left Kalk bay harbour at approx.0830 and proceeded to sea towards the East.
SW swell of 1m and very light ENE wind.Couldn’t have asked for better conditions as the day before the SE wind was at 30 knots.
Moved down towards the shore in the 8 fathom and drift fished the outside reefs.
At this stage we were between the tanks and the pavilion about 2 miles offshore of the beach.
It’s a method employed to best get the elusive red roman which is highly prized.
It’s a waiting game as you drift on and drift off fish as you are slowly moving on the current.Best to keep your gear about 1 fathom off the bottom to prevent getting snagged on the bottom.
A few good sizes of bream or known locally as hottie were landed.
This is the bread and butter fish of all line fisherman, and if nothing else is biting, then they usually will,They will eventually become a nuisance when you target other species as they are simply everywhere.
We finally moved off towards Seal Eiland and made our first anchor as the wind had strengthened slightly and drifting wasn’t going to work.
The lines went down and the bream came up, as well as a silver type fish known locally as panga.Some very good sizes as well.sometimes two at a time.
Some very good sizes were landed by every one onboard.
Once everyone had reached their legal bag limit we took a tour of the Eiland to view the Cape Fur Seals and sea birds on the eiland.
The wind had by this time turned S and made for a very pleasant return trip back to Kalk bay Harbour.Its basically riding a gentle stern sea and it is much more pleasant than riding into the sea.
We got back to harbour and the heat immediately hit us as the temp was 37*C.
much cooler on the water.
A lot of fun was had by all and we were all back safe and sound by 14:30 in the harbour, with our fish.
Did a close inshore drag, strikers on bungee in Fishhoek bay, but no Amberjack today.
Trip successfully completed.

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