10 days non stop fishing

March 02, 2016 by Ali Simon

Trip Info

The Catch
Barracuda (Great)
Snapper (Red)
Trevally (Giant)

Our guests says “temporary Home for the next 10 days happens to us in the ship Bolero”. It was only fishing, eating and maybe a little sleep for them. After morning tea, we started hunting for surface bait. One of the first catches is striped modrostříbrné wahoo. Our catch not the largest of its kind, this beauty may have roughly around the subway and a little over ten pounds. First day was little slow and the Sunset is here and we’re waiting for the next shot.
Who would’ve thought that on Bolero we sleep at night, that would be very wrong. Night fishing has its charms and besides we can catch fish that don’t work during the day. One of those night passes for food, is a red snapper. A red snapper may measure one metre and weigh even twenty pounds so our full attention was on it. Snapper’s name is derived from their way of hunting. After waiting for the prey, and at the right moment we grabbed her out !! The best is baked and had enjoyed the dinner with finger licking goodness!!
Our ten days trip with our guests passed very well though with less sleep but with more fish fun !!!

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