Seal Eiland fishing adventure.

Trip Info


Left Kalk Bay harbour at about 08:30 after safety briefing and proceeded down to Seal Eiland, the trip taking about an hour.The weather was fine with a chilly NW breeze, which was totally unpredicted.This brought in mist and the trip was done in misty conditions until reaching the eiland where it started clearing and the sun popped out.Sea conditions were good and the wind dropped away which made for a very pleasant day out at the eiland, making three anchors in the quest to find the fish.The last anchor proved the best and most successful.Water still quite cold from the SE wind.
This makes the fish a bit shy, however plenty good sized brean and panga were landed.Some undersized roman were released.
Once the bag limits were reached we pulled up the anchor and went to see the fur seals close up.
Drifted down on the current while watching the seals at play.
The eiland is home to hundreds of Cape fur seals and cormorants.
videos and pics were taken and we left to proceed back to harbour at 14.00
Everyone caught fish and enjoyed the adventure.
Skipper was Carl, with Arthur as Mate and Shaun as deck crew.
Every one arrived back safely in harbour after an awesome day out on the ocean.

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