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Sometimes the second is the charm...

March 23, 2016 by Rafael Apellaniz

Trip Info

The Catch
Barracuda (Great)
Jack Crevalle

Morning Charter
Tim Doppler, Michael and Jack from Minnesota.
Sometimes the second time is the charm…
Yesterday I received a call from a angler and father who went fishing on Monday with another captain, he was hesitant since he brought his son and best friend for some Tarpon fishing 2,000 miles from home and did not even get to hold the rods, needless to say they did not get to fight a fish. He just wanted any fish for the kids. He decided to give Puerto Rico a second chance. We went out this morning, as always I sabikied a live well full of bait and headed out; we had a 9 am high tide so I figured the fish would be holding in the open bay near a drop off. First drift, bingo! Michael got hooked up with a very respectable Jack Crevalle,  the reaction of a young man with his first big fish never gets old! Second drift again 30+ pound Tarpon, beautiful fight, beautiful fish, this time Jack was the recipient! We could not leave Tim behind, next drift another reef donkey a very large Jack Crevalle! After that we reached the high tide, the bite tapered down, we got a small Barracuda and a few more bites. Although I don’t have kids, I vicariously get to live the feeling a father get watching his son doing what he loves. It goes to show that sometimes the second time is the charm…

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