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March 20, 2020 by Spot-X Fishing Charters

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So the world environment has changed a lot in the last month or so and so has our weather. We have finally had some rain and with it some wind. The hot calm summer weather pattern has changed to the Autumn weather and with it the fishing is changing as well.
Snapper is now on up in the estuaries. Fishing in the harbours and estuaries is at its best at the moment and will be for the next couple of months. And don’t forget about the flounder when you are in these areas, they are getting nice and big now! So why not have some excitement with your family and friends and some flounder gear! Take a low tide evening together and have fun!
Kingies are much the same as they have been all summer being spread out. They are both on the deeper reefs and throughout the bay around bait schools or patrolling the shallows. The sharks are having a high jump competition around which is quite amazing to watch, but you might have to move now and then if you want the fish by your self!
Big game fishing is having a fairly slow season, though some very nice marlin of all three species are being caught, numbers seems down. Good to see reasonable numbers of yellowfin around though. Still plenty of season left to go and striped marlin fishing only gets better as the season gets on.
We can not wait to seeing you on board!
Tight lines,
Katarina SpotX

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