Oh, how sweet it is...

March 27, 2016 by Rafael Apellaniz

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The Catch
Jack Crevalle

Oh, how sweet it is…
3/4 day afternoon
Alan & Rosemary White from Montana
It was very windy! I was able to tie up to the bait dock and quickly made a livewell full of greenies and pilchard. As I was setting the first rod on the very first drift, Rosemary hooked up with a very large Blue Runner, about 7+ lbs., after that the fishing dried up. Eventually we moved back to the backcountry,  as we were getting desperate far a bite, it came, a Tarpon, very nice, maybe 30 lbs., we had talk about bowing to the King, but sometimes it is easier said than done, it jumped of, complete disappointment! I wasn’t about to leave without Alan’s Tarpon! After about 5 minutes, there he was, small but game, about 12 lbs., but still the bucket list, that is what we are here for, this time we did everything perfectly.  We got the picture and the perfect memory! Goes to show, large Tarpon or small Tarpon, oh how sweet it is!

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