Destin Fishing Reports

Bradley Family Competing

April 05, 2016 by E. Rogers

Trip Info

The Catch
Snapper (Red)
Triggerfish (Gray)
Snapper (Vermilion)

The weather was supposed to be fairly calm on Tuesday so the charter was moved from Wednesday which was showing Small Craft Advisory.  The Bradley family was very eager to fish so they had no problem changing their dates. 
We hit the pass and had nice calm waters close to shore but the waters soon became rough.  We braved the elements and went on to some close spots and as the water calmed we made it out to a nice spot to the East.  The contest began…We had several categories…the first…the biggest and the most.  Lilly ended up with the largest.  She caught 2 triggers and one was the largest of our catch.  Sandy ended up catching a red snapper and 3 mingos…of course the biggest mingo (bull) fell off the hook at the side of the boat…bummer.  Sandy won the most.  Steve ended up with a large trigger.  He had several big hook ups but the fish won and were able to bite another day.  Our 4th angler Mikayla, started out enjoying the boat ride but soon started to get a little queasy.  She spent her day enjoying a relaxing snooze in the cabin.  When the weather calmed she emerged to see the dolphin show around our boat.  Mama dolphin and baby put on a show to make the day more fun.

Everyone had a great time and will enjoy some nice fillets soon!!

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