Jacks for Jack...

April 06, 2016 by Rafael Apellaniz

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The Catch
Jack Crevalle

Morning charter
April 6th, 2016
Eric & Jack from Indiana
Jacks for Jack…
When Jack from Indiana came fishing on Wednesday to San Juan bay, he never thought he was going to find Jacks, Jack Crevalle that is! After filling a livewell full of baits, we headed to the open bay, in the first drift, Jack found himself tangled up with a bruiser, a bully, but he was up to the task, Jack caught a nice Jack Crevalle about 12 lbs. and then another even bigger, 20 lbs.! So then we moved to the back country to look for the Puerto Rico Grand Slam, Jack got his first Tarpon about 25 lbs., the Snook was not to be this time but needless to say it was a great day for Jack, his first Jack Crevalle and first Tarpon, we will get the Grand Slam next time!

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