Paging Doctor Cruz

April 07, 2016 by Rafael Apellaniz

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Jack Crevalle

Morning Charter
April 7th, 2016
Paging Doctor Cruz…
Philip Cruz from New York
It was a last minute booking, a referral from a happy customer, Doctor Cruz stepped into my world for a round of fishing, San Juan Bay style! As always, we headed out early and quickly filled a livewell of bait and headed out to the open bay. The fish were pushing the bait up the beach in Old San Juan, we casted 2 rods with greenies, Philip quickly hooked up to a respectable Jack Crevalle, as I was bringing the other rod in another Jack Crevalle picked the bait and we had a double! After about a 20 minute fight, we released 2 big Jacks. I saw the Tarpon feeding about 100 yards and headed that way, Philip hooked and released a nice tarpon, that put up a great fight, 30 minutes on light line! The bite tapered down after that and we moved to the back country, there we jumped 1 more Tarpon and released another about 25 lbs.! 4 out of 5 ain’t bad…

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