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BIG ON The Magic Hour

April 09, 2016 by Luis Burgos

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The Catch

With a full and ready baitwell of Greenies, we headed straight to the San Juan Bay’s backcountry habitat.  Within few minutes of our baits touching the waters, a Tarpon strike on the line.  Unfortunaley, on it’s first acrobatic jump, it manage to pull the hook.  Even with a nice “bow to the King” effort.

With high spirits, we manage to produce 3 more strikes there but their bites where not aggresive enough and we where not able to capitalize on them.  Nevertheless, we continued to make everything possible to make it worthwhile….  and it sure did! 

The next strike was out in the bay and a “I can’t take the rod out of the rod holder” type one…  Typical of a big on and indeed it was.  A 60 plus Silver King on the line!  On it’s first jump of many, total shock aboard… and after a few seconds of silence, the following words that came out from one of our guests was “OMG!”.  A BIG ONE.  The biggest fish of Gary’s life so far.

We where right on the magic our, It was full of energy, making alot of jumps and schools if bait and even other Tarpons where around our fish.  The Bay is Alive!  He fought it for over 45 minutes with one of the most spectacular backdrops possible in the Caribbeans, the view of out 500 year old Fort “El Morro” in the background.

It was all good, Gary won the fish battle of his life by a leader touch. His smiley exausted face and his words during the fight where priceless: “I have never fought a fish this big in my life”, made it special and everyone on board experienced what is like to fight a Big Silver King.

Thank you and grateful to serve you and may you enjoy your new fishing stories with your friends and family.

Gracias amigos!
Capt. Luis Burgos”
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