Spring in the air

April 10, 2016 by Joe Eskay

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The Catch
Spotted Seatrout

Sorry I haunt posted much I’ve been crazy busy lately. Anyway now is the best time of year to fish, not to hot or windy on most days and the fish are happy to eat. I’ve been putting tarpon in the air for a little over a month now, the snook bite is consistently grear, trout are starting to spawn and pool up into massive schools, reds are still poking around doing there thing. Here’s a few shots of the lady’s I took yesterday, most of them have not ever caught or landed a fish. We fished late afternoon to let some of the noise from the weekend get off the water. We were fishing transition zones throwing spool tek lures and live bait to moving and laid up fish. The beauty of using the spool teks is that a complete novice can understand the concept and be successful with the lure. We caught a pile of snook, trout and flounder. Our gear was cousins tackle rods gs 7310 10lb ultracast braided line with a 25lb flourocarbon leader. 4in spool tek lures and live bait hooks were mustad hooks 9174 size 1/0.

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