February 25, 2015 by Randy Rode

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The last few days, the weather has been PERFECT here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. We have a super, gentleman angler from the Eastern Provinces of Canada staying here at the B&B and fishing nearly everyday. It is still Dorado, Dorado, Dorado, plenty of them in various sizes, all the way from school-sized fish to the bigger bulls, pushing 40#`s! We have raised a few blue marlin, but it seems they are on the move, and just come in for a quick looks and are gone, leaving pandemonium and tachycardia in their wakes!
The Humpback Whales have been pouring through, which is always a thrill!. We have been seeing pods of up to a dozen or more of these magnificent mammals, quite exciting. The whales have been coming through as close as a mile or so off the shore, so we don`t have to go far at all to see them.
Today we will fish the mouth of the Rio San Juan, looking for Corvina, a variety of sea trout, small tarpon, jack crevalles, hound fish, snappers, and other fun inshore species. If we can get some live sardines, so much the better, and if not we have some secret weapons that should get the job done.
Apparently there is another small cold front with some wind and rain in it that will be arriving our area this weekend, but that won`t be a problem, because we have already fulfilled our fishing commitment, and have the freezer well-stocked with vacuum sealed Dorado fillets, ready for another gourmet meal here at the villa.
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Capt. Randy Rode….North Coast Sportfishing and B&B…Rio San Juan/Cabrera, DR

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