Redfish etc…!

April 14, 2016 by Tyler Richardson

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The Catch

It seems like April has yielded some extremely windy weather! Today was nothing different except there was no shortage of showers on the water. Regardless we set out at 8:00 as the weather forecasted only rain and no thunderstorms. Given the conditions (Blowing 15-20) we decided it was best to stick to the protected marsh and target redfish. Starting the day off with the first cast yielded a redfish, and soon after a couple of sheepsheads. The next spot yielded a few trout and a couple of redfish until we finished out in a beautiful pond with some crystal clear water. At this point we could tell with this water condition there HAS to be fish here! Sure enough we got on em catching 6 beautiful redfish and a bonus flounder! We even caught one of the largest lake runners (red cheeks) I have ever seen! You have to love South Louisiana, you truly never know what you will catch! All in all a great short day on the water, back at the dock by 12:30!

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