February Weekend Fishing

February 22, 2015 by Sidney Silberberg

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This past weekend (Friday and Saturday were excellent Sunday was very windy).  Friday I took Jim and his son James out for the day.
I went to the back of Monticello ski school the water was like glass but there was no sign of fish activity but it gave me a good chance to teach them how to cast and retrieve different baits which paid off big time later in the day.  From there we headed towards the Ranch house and fished using a Carolina rig set up with a Zoom red and black brush hog and a texas rig using brass and glass with a Senco watermelon red worm.
The first bass was caught by James a nice 2 1/2 pounder.  Jim had a bite on the brush hog started to bring it in and thought it was gone and stopped reeling wrong move as he continued to reel in to check his bait the bass jumped out of the water and spit the bait out.  Jim learned that once you commit to reeling in you don’t stop or give any slack to the line or its good bye fishy.
Unfortunately James hooked a 8 to 10 pound bass (BIG!!!!) played the fish for about twenty minutes got it to the boat and his Dad instead of netting the fish wanted to take a picture of his son with the fish still on the line and you guessed it as James lifted the fish out of the water it was so long see ya and the bass was gone!!!  Next lesson learned is to net the bass first and take the pictures in the boat.  James got another bite and proceeded to bring in a nice 5+ pound bass this time Jim netted the bass first and then took pictures (see photos).
The next day I went out with my buddy Albert and we had a great day on the water.  Sunday I took Greeley and his son Elijah out well I wanted to take them out but as we headed out to the main lake it looked like the ocean in a wind storm the swells were at least four feet high and there were huge white caps did not look very inviting so I turned the boat around and headed towards Cappell Cove hoping for calmer water.
I found one little section that was pretty calm and there were at least ten float tubers fishing in there so I headed a little further into the back of the cove but no luck the wind was terrible.  I had promised Elijah that he would have a picture with a fish next to my sign today and I never break a promise but we had to head in the weather was just bad and all the tubers said they had no luck yet.  I decided to call it a day and headed in.  When we got to my house I told Elijah (who is eight years old) I was sorry we weren’t able to fish because of the bad weather but I didn’t want to disappoint him about the picture so I gave him a bass from the cooler from the day before and he got his picture with a fish by the sign (see photo).

‘til next time…good fishing!!!!!

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