A Rare Catch Lead the Way!

April 21, 2016 by Luis Burgos

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The Catch
Snapper (Cubera)

The release of a rare catch of a ” Guavancha”, lead the way and energy towards a new target specie:

After releasing the Guavancha” shown in the photo, Nikki from Jamaica asked jokingly:  ” Is there a place to eat a fresh catch since it is not possible to cook it at our room in the Vanderbilt Hotel @ Condado?  To her surprise, I answered:  We sure do and it is right next to the home port marina from which we came out this morning and you are going to love it.  So after three more strikes, GAME On!!!  We head out from the Mangroves to the bay, full of Caribbean flare and not long after they where able to enjoy a fresh catch for lunch @ the Que PezCao restaurant.  Mission accomplished with Snapper!

Grateful for allowing us to serve you and hope that you enjoy your fishing stories back home with family and friends.

Thank you amigas!
Capt. Luis Burgos
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