Beautiful Day for slaying the Triggers

April 24, 2016 by Jesse Johnson

Trip Info

The Catch
Triggerfish (Gray)

What a beautiful day for fishing Sunday was. The morning was nice and cool as we headed out Pensacola Pass for some Trigger fishing. We only had to hit 2 spots. The first place we stopped we were pulling in tons of short Triggers, Squirrel Fish & Red Lips which the kiddo’s were enjoying but we moved onto another spot and limited out on some huge Trigger. Our biggest 2 were 20 inches long. We hooked up to a pretty large Sea Robin that everyone on board enjoyed checking out. We headed towards shore on our way back in to look for Cobia. There were lots of boats looking for them and we didn’t see any land one. The seas stayed pretty flat all day and this week is looking great for fishing. We’ve got spots open and we’d love to take you out! May your lines stay tight and your rods bent!

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