Lake Mead striper boils are going nuts
September 03, 2020 Boulder City 2 photos
Bass (Striped)
Bass (Striped)

Trip Summary

The Boulder basin is blowong up in striped bass boils right now. If you havent seen it picture a nice calm lake with boats patiently waiting for something in suspense. Then out of nowhere a hundred striped bass begin agressively feeding on the surface, bait fish junping outbof the air in desperation, and birds diving and swooping for a meal. When you see a fish feeding you toss your top-water bait on the action and make it dance. Within a second or two a healthy schoolie tosses your bait in the air to stun its prey and then they hit it hard! We’re pulling 15-30 fish on lures out here.
Eric Richins
Boulder-city, Nevada, United States
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