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Shark Tag & Release

April 22, 2016 by BIG BULLY OUTDOORS

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Barry is home for a few weeks, he attends college up north and rarely gets to enjoy his home state.  Today we set out with one goal on mind.  Tagging sharks.  The tarpon have started showing up in and around our area.  Following not too far behind are the sharks.  It wasn’t long until he was tight on his first catch of the day.  Since Ive known Barry, he has had this lucky 9/0 Penn Reel.  He brought it along for today’s fish and it worked its magic again.

Species varied today.  The first two catches were bull sharks.  88 and 94 inches.  Both of them were pregnant females, we kept all sharks in the water next to the boat to avoid stress on their young.  The bull sharks were tagged and released for Grey Fish Tag Research. 

A surprising catch of the day was an XL sandbar shark.  These are not common over 7 feet, but Barry hooked into one that measured 7’4 inches.  We tagged her for NOAA Apex Predator Program.  Their longest tag recapture was from a shark just like this one.  The time between tag and recapture was 28 years!  We also caught blacktip & spinner sharks.  A total of seven fish were tagged today.  We look forward to possible recaptures on these top predators.  Call us today to get out on the water.  Spring is the best time to catch BIG sharks!

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