Winter time variety

December 06, 2014 by Mo Estevez

Trip Info


Regular client David brought his buddy David aboard today and the weather was just gorgeous.  We had another day of clear skies, cool breeze and nice action.  Starting on the calm side of a key, I cast netted all the live bait we would need on our half day trip and sped off to an area David and I fished the last time he was in town.  Anchoring up we dropped back some baits and caught mutton snappers, BIG mangrove snapper, grouper and we lost a few other fish.  Fishing another area we caught a few more fish and then moved off to the flats in order to try and get David his first big shark on the flats.  We had only 45 minutes to accomplish our mission and a nice 6’ shark moves in and hangs around but refuses to eat any of our baits.  As we pull up the push pole and start to drift off the flat a big 7’ shark comes in fast and pushing tons of water.  I cast a bait in front of it and he eats it right away.  I hand the bent rod to David and the drag starts to scream in short bursts but 30 seconds later the hook pulls free and the big shark that didn’t know was hooked swims away.  Dangit!

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