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April 26, 2016 by Kenny Lewis

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Started the day off with a morning Painted sky , the sunrise on the water is one of the best you can get. Watching the sun light up the sky and start breaking the horizon is a sight I can never get tired of. Just some of the perks of having a great office space.
Started the morning off throwing a few top water lures to little to no luck just a few short strikes.
So we started to change up a bit throwing soft plastics swim baits . It wasn’t long till we started to catch a few fish . We were fishing a bank line that has a steep drop off right at the waters edge. The bait fish tend to hold on this type of bank during the night so at first light it is a good place to start your search for them big trout and Red fish.
The trout we were catching was a good grade with several fish being in the 20” range.
After we worked the bank for another hr we decided it was time to change up the tactics and start easing out to a little deeper water(3’) and see if we could sight fish a few more. With the sun getting higher it would allow us to see in too the water better.
Good call, it didn’t take long and we started to see the trout laying in and around the docks just waiting for there next victim, little did they know it was gonna have a hook !!
It is truly and art when it comes to sight fishing trout in shallow water, sometimes it all just comes to gather and some days you are just missing some of those little pieces that makes it all work.
On this day it was all put together nicely.  We say a good number of fish and we were fortune enough to catch around 30 fish . Keeping 9 nice keepers for my client Tom to take back home to Tennessee.
Till the next fishing endeavor !! Tight lines and keep em tight!!
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