5 Wahoo and 3 Dorado GREAT Action!

March 02, 2015 by Kenneth P. Busick

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Hola guys and girls!  Captain Kenny Busick here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this morning for One Baja Adventures.  Here is my Fishing Report from Cabo for the week ending March 1st, 2015.  Last week the fleet was encountering some fairly tough fishing conditions.  There were quite a few boats that were coming home with only small Dorado or nothing at all. 

Most of the fleet was fishing up by Cerritos Beach area and then out toward the Golden Gate Bank.  On our first day of fishing we took our friends from Maryland outside and up towards the Jaime Bank area, since we were in search of the Marlin.  We found the good water and were fishing in 78* water when the 50 LRS in the corner went off on what sounded like a pretty good fish.  This was a blind strike on a small green jig we have been using with good results during the last couple weeks.  Up first was our lady angler Devin and we soon discovered that a large Bull Dorado had taken the jig and quickly began to put on a nice aerial display for our guests!  Devin is just a small gal of maybe 100 pounds, but she went right to work and put the hurt on the big Dodo!  Devin had the fish coming to the boat in no time.  We brought the fish to gaff and Lalo put the fish on the boat. 

Our first fish of the day was a 45 to 50 pound Bull Dorado.  We were feeling great and excited that we had found some larger fish.  Considering that most of the fish this week were in the 10 to 15 pound range, we felt really blessed.  We were all our area of choice was going to be a good for our intended target of Marlin.  From this point we made a commitment to stay in our area to see if we could raise a bill fish We were targeting the Striper on this day as our Lady Angler already had a White Marlin from here East Coast fishing experience.  We wanted to give the chance to pull on a Striper!  After we made our first stop we decided to start fishing the area with our rigged Ballyhoo.  Just fifteen minutes later we had our second Dorado on the Ballyhoo.  No Marlin spotted, yet, but the area looked good and so we continued to work our spread. 

We continued to work this area for about another 30 minutes when Dorado number three took a dead bait trolled behind a plunger head.  Our third fish on the boat was the largest Bull Dorado to the boat of the day. Water conditions were ideal and very blue, almost purple and the Sea Temperature in this area was near 78*.  Air temps on this day were about the same, 78 to 80* and so you could say it was a perfect day to be fishing in Cabo. 

The only thing that you could possibly say is that it was a little bit early in the season to be targeting only bill fish.  When we got back to the dock at the end of the day there were not many flags flying, so we felt really lucky to have 3 quality fish on the Samurai for our work.  On the second day we took the boat up the beach and found the Wahoo and Dorado in good numbers.  We were just North of the light house when we started hooking up and continued to hook up all day long, as long as we stayed close to the beach.  Most of the fish were coming in about 100 to 150 feet of water.  Sea temperatures in this area were down around 73*.  We managed to put 5 Wahoo on the boat, 3 small Tuna and 2 small Dorado on the boat during the morning working the beach area.  Our client wanted to try for Marlin still, so we headed outside to the Golden Gate Bank again to search for the Stripers.  We did manage to raise 2 Marlin during the afternoon, but nothing that we were able to convert.  It was exciting to see for our client and she was very happy to at least see Marlin jumping!  The boys and I had a LOT of fun fishing with these guys from Maryland and will look forward to their return in the summer.  I made a promise to our newest friend and Lady Angler Devin that we are going to get her a Stripe Marlin for her next trip! 

Chef Erick was on the boat and made the Wahoo into the most incredible fresh Sashimi that I have ever had!  Our VIP clients from Maryland thought they had died and gone to heaven when they began to devour the fresh Wahoo they had just caught!  I cannot wait to share this fishing and dining experience with you soon. K-BOOM!  I guarantee you are going to love it…..Lalo, Chef Erick and I are all standing by ready to fish em up for you!  Thank you for your interest in the very best Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I am Captain Kenny Busick for One Baja Adventures.  God bless!

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