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Fort Myers Fishing Report For May 2016

May 05, 2016 by Wes Skinner

Trip Info

The Catch

Spring is in full effect here in Fort Myers and Sanibel and the fishing has really begun to heat up.  We’ve been seeing the Tarpon migration since the middle of March but it hasn’t been till the past couple weeks that they’ve been in large enough numbers to really target. 

The Snook have been more active but very picky.  I’ve been in fishing holes where I’ve seen fish everywhere.  I think that one of them has to eat but then they look at the bait and swim right by.  It’s really hard to leave a spot where you can see huge Snook that are too smart to be caught.  “Just eat the bait already!”  Before you know it we’ve spent hours trying to get one of them to eat but when they do it’s worth it. The Snook below is a 40” fish we caught while working one of these pot holes.

Our standard charter for Snook, Redfish and Trout are still your best bet for the most action.  If you’d like a bigger bite Tarpon would be your bet, it’s been a slower bite but it should only improve through the next couple weeks.

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