Miami Fly Fishing

December 11, 2014 by Mo Estevez

Trip Info


Regular client Steve hopped aboard today and this is the first trip we’ve had together where it wasn’t blowing 30 MPH and stormy.  Clear skies, a light breeze and 43 degree temperatures awaited us as we idled out of the marina.  Steve is a solid fly fisherman and so we would be fly fishing today.  We started fished hard and 2nd spot of the morning we see bait getting busted and jumping out of the water.  No bites.  Huh? We scaled down leader and changed the color of the fly and next cast Steve lands a nice bluefish.  Several mackerels would either track the fly all the way to the boat or take a short swipe at the fly.  Later on we found tarpon but they were not taking flies in spite of watching a few of them bust on bait.  We ended the day on a wreck catching a few more fish before calling it a day.

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