Monster Yellowfin Tuna Bite Corbetena
November 14, 2020 Puerto Vallarta 4 photos

Trip Summary

Trolled for Skip Jacks for live bait trolling. Birds were working large bait balls in the area which was a give-a-way to hungry tuna. We hooked up on this 200Lb yellowfin on the Penn50 reel and needed every bit of the horsepower. 2.5 hours later we had the prize boat side and 60 minutes later steaked, packed and on ice. While we fought this prize, we threw a few smaller live baits behind the boat and hooked a pair of 20+ LB Mahi Mahi's.
Mario Meza Gonzalez
Puerto-vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
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Spend an unforgettable day with Nachos II Charters! Captain Mario was born and raised here in Puerto Vallarta and knows these waters. These waters are his home. His top priority is your safety and having a memorable experience. Modern and equipped 25&rsqu...

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