Light Tackle Black Marlin Season Starts

May 02, 2016 by Mark (Parko) Parkinson

Trip Info

The Catch
Marlin (Black)
Red Bass
Spanish Mackerel (Narrow-barred)
Tuna (Longtail)

Good Friends from Darwin Leigh and Trish Wright fished for three days on the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns.Their main aim was to target Juvenile Black Marlin sailfish and other pelagic species.The fishing was a little hard raising 7 blacks for 3 strikes and 2 fish captured and released.Also raised 2 big sail on the edge for for 2 strikes but no hook-ups.They also wanted to try and catch a dolphin fish and wahoo and yellow fin tuna over the next couple days on the reef and they were a little boat shy to say the least and was hard to stay in contact with the dollies and they were moving quickly chasing sauries.In all they had a great trip caught some nice fish and Black Label gets the first Black Marlins for the light tackle season.

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